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Here's the lego related articles and tutorial I've made so far:

Hypo-technique (basic)
The Hypo-technique (formerly known as “Jumper technique”) is a highly versatile technique for connecting lego sections to each other at odd angles.
This gives you a vast range of different angles, that can be scaled to any size and made simple or complex as you want.
Colour is a crucial part of any good design, do you want to be better at it?
This tutorial contains all you need to know to get started, so knock yourself out!
Reviewing parts tutorial
The free fancreated programs based on Ldraw are excellent tools for the serious lego hobbyist, that wish to easily create building instructions or render computer-generated images of their creations.
However, being free and fancreated, it's a community effort to model the parts Lego Company is producing and check them for errors. Reviewing isn't really that difficult if you already is using the Ldraw programs, but there's still a lot of things to keep in mind, this tutorial should cover most of them, so if you try to follow it step by step a couple of times, you'll be an expert in no time.
Recycle Tetra Pack fluid containers for excellent storage bins
With a bit of cleaning and cutting up, Tetra Pak’s basic one litre fluid container can be made into the perfecet storage bin, saving both money and the environment

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