76 & 77 Microspacetopia

Last updated: 25/7 2007

A couple of microscale ships I made for the Icon Contest on the Flickr-group Microspacetopia (date).
Basically the contest was about making a microscale ship of max 6 studs length that could be used as an icon for the group.

I later had the opportunity to switch to a different type of clips that was much better for the task at hand

It was a welcome opportunity to try out the clip-in 2x2 round technique I'd stumbled upon a short while before, and since I saw the first pictures from the FPS game Halo, I've wanted to make a spaceship with a gold-coated windscreen.

OP76.jpg (340735 byte)Second version, #77

I made two versions, 76 and 77 of which the last was slightly too long. Originally both relied on the new 1x1 plate with vertical clip, but with some old parts coming in from my parent's place I was able to upgrade the 76 with old style 1x1 plate with horizontal clip (type2) on the 21st of July which was much, much better.

76-1000-low.jpg (424792 byte)Another angle of the second version

Oh, and the cockpit on both crafts is made with a minifig helmet, the grey antennas sticking up from the first one is minifig hands and the curved bits on the sides a special type of horn intended for South American "native" style headgear and. In the other version the curved parts is a type of scimitar.

So I got a bit around the parts pallete for this challenge which is one of the things that makes microscale so much fun.

It was originally presented on flickr here, and in the contest-thread here.


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